About Us

Our company, which includes PAR Government Systems Corporation and Rome Research Corporation, enjoys more than forty years of making a difference.  Whether applying science and engineering to challenging problems or delivering world-class support to U.S. defense communications networks, PAR Government has an unsurpassed tradition of contributing to our customers’ success.

Ideas, solutions, and high-impact support are our hallmarks, but it is from our people that all contributions are given birth.  As a PAR Government team member, you are our most treasured asset.

Second only to our employees, our customers are treasured assets.  PAR Government has earned a customer loyalty that should be the envy of the entire industry. This loyalty is fundamental to our sustained success.  Of course, customer loyalty is not earned once and owned forever.  It must be earned continually, each day.  We do that by making the customer's goals; our goals, committing ourselves to the customer's success and taking satisfaction in their achievement.  Our customers come back to PAR Government again and again, and are the foundation from which we continue to grow our company.

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PAR Government is headquartered out of Rome, NY.